The Renovation

‘Tis the season to be growing. Each and every person goes through a variety of seasons in their lifetime. Some good and some bad. However, every season we endure can actually be a happy, healthy time period no matter what it is. We have to know how to turn the bad upside down and make sense of it.

I am currently going through a transition season in my life and I have named my season “The Renovation.” I am undergoing construction in my life to make it a better, happier life for myself. And I am here to offer advice to you that has helped me get through the bad times and turn my situations around.

First and foremost, why did I name it “The Renovation”? Because, when we renovate a house it may not be because we do not want to live there anymore, we just see that things could be better in the house. Therefore, we have to take down and tear apart the old and bad, and replace it with something more suitable and stronger.

When bad things happen to us, we tend to question it and ask “why me?” “why did this have to happen to me?” “I am such a good person, I do not deserve this.” –When things did not go as planned for me I jumped straight into asking/saying these things. Throughout my new season in my life I have decided to not question the process,but BE THANKFUL for the bad things that happen to me. I am a firm believer in “Everything happens for a reason.” I prayed to God countless times and told him “Thank you for these things to happen to me. Allow it to make me stronger. I know you will not allow it to break me. I have faith in knowing that this situation will only have a better outcome.” Things have to break and fall apart in order for better things to build up. Knowing this, you will face every situation with confidence. You will understand there is a process to get to the top.

If you are going through a tough time right now, this is a message from me to you:

“Stay strong. Trust the process. Have faith that there is beauty in your mess. Understand that this can only make you stronger. You have to stay positive and choose to be happy every day. I do not know what you are going through, but I have felt the same hurt you have felt. You will see better days, trust me. Stop throwing yourself a pity party. You are only hurting yourself more. You have the ability to turn your situation around. Be confident and own your situation. Do not let your situation define you, however, define your situation”

xo, thechi


One thought on “The Renovation

  1. This is so similar to what I prayed out to God last night, and what I’ve been realizing in the latest days. We have to be willing to learn from all of our experiences good or bad, and no matter the outcome. It’s how we manage our emotions, and the meanings that we give our circumstances that determines how we feel and how we present ourselves. We’ve been given the capacity, the power, and the resistance to control our state of being; and it could be in complete health & wellness if we seek first the Kingdom, and follow the Way, Truth, and Life into it’s gates.


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