Silent Seasons

One day, I got so bored I began to watch random Instagram stories. Well, on this particular day I watched Heather Lindsey’s story and came across her new book “Silent Seasons.” Right when I saw the title of the book I knew I needed it. I googled the book real fast and the about section won over my heart. It described everything I was going through and feeling at that moment.

This is what it said, I learned something very valuable in a silent season and that is that I shouldn’t be trying to build something when I was supposed to be cultivating my spirit. I was supposed to use that season to spend time with God, grow, and rest in Him – not step out on faith and try to do something out of His timing. How many of us are making “faith moves” when we are supposed to be resting? You will find yourself tired because you built something that wasn’t even for you.” ………….. Are you going through a silent season in your life right now? Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like doors keep closing but nothing is opening in your life? Do you feel rejected or forgotten? Do you feel like you can no longer hear the voice of God or like life has handed you a bad deck of cards? If so, this book is for you. In Silent Seasons: Trusting God When You Don’t Understand, Heather Lindsey shares how silent seasons are an opportunity to grow closer to the Father. In this book you will learn: – How to stay strong in the midst of tests and trials – How to avoid comparing your life to others – How to be faithful with small – How to stretch your faith to do what God is telling you to do Grab a blanket and some tea and get ready to walk out this silent season like never before!”-Heather Lindsey, Silent Seasons.  

Whew, doesn’t it just fuel your soul? I felt like God was speaking straight into my soul through the book. I read the book in a day and instantly felt God changing how I looked at my situation. Even if you are not religious, the book is still amazing. Just knowing there is a purpose behind everything we are going through gives us a sense of relief.

The main point I got from the book that helped me tremendously was: Right now, you are being pruned. We cannot harvest all the time. We are kind of like a flower, you plant the seed and have to wait for it to grow. Does it grow and bloom into the beautiful flower it is overnight? Definitely not. Right now, if you are going through something and feel like you are at yours wits end, just remember: You are a seed that just got planted into the ground. Continue to water yourself, invest in yourself, face the sunlight, and be ready to bloom when your harvest season comes.

I would definitely recommend buying this book. Maybe it is just what you need. 

xo, thechi

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