One night only: Birmingham Edition

For the past year I have met some wonderful people, turned 22, and explored Birmingham in a way many do not get to do so. I want everyone to enjoy Birmingham as much as I do and have a great experience while doing so. Below I will list my FAVE spots in the ‘Ham that are popping and never disappoint. Huge shout out to my girl Renay. She is my better half and my partner with exploring new areas.

Lakeview: This area has quite a few bars. The best one with the best bartender is Brown’s Bar though. Love this place! Make sure you see James! Side Bar, Nana Funks, Moes(on friday and saturday nights), Innisfree, Tin Roof

P.S. you can get in free with a Military I.D. at Tin Roof & Side Bar & Moe’s. Brown’s Bar is free to get into.

Paramount: games, food, and alcohol! what is better than that right?

5 points South: Black Market on Wednesday has $1 Wells. 3000 Bar usually has a nice crowd this night as well. I like both. However, Black Market is usually playing hard metal (bang your head against the wall music) on Wednesday’s. I like 3000 Bar since they play more pop, hip-hop, and rap music.

Dirty Ashes: Went here the other day and LOVED it. The bartenders are wonderful. The crowd is amazing. Definitely going back. I am all for great energy and cool vibes. This bar is that and some.

Redmont Hotel & Elyton Hotel: both provide a rooftop bar experience. Drinks and a view of the city! LOVE it.

If you are ever bored in the city, hit me up and I am sure I will be able to tell you of a place to go to. Always remember, your fun is dependent on the company you keep. Therefore, if the people you are hanging around are not fun and produce bad vibes, then you will not have the best night. Renay and I always have a great night no matter how packed a place is. We make our own fun.

Hope you guys found some new places to go to after reading this post! Let me know if you do attend one of the bars and how your night went!

Stay blessed

xo, thechi




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