Silent Seasons

One day, I got so bored I began to watch random Instagram stories. Well, on this particular day I watched Heather Lindsey’s story and came across her new book “Silent Seasons.” Right when I saw the title of the book I knew I needed it. I googled the book real fast and the about section … More Silent Seasons

The Renovation

‘Tis the season to be growing. Each and every person goes through a variety of seasons in their lifetime. Some good and some bad. However, every season we endure can actually be a happy, healthy time period no matter what it is. We have to know how to turn the bad upside down and make … More The Renovation

The culprit: Acne

I have suffered from acne since I was 13 y/o. I am now a 21 year old that is out of puberty. I was on antibiotics for 7 ½ years until one day recently I decided I am no longer putting these pills into my body that not only cause harm but also breaks my … More The culprit: Acne